Jessica Biel admitted she eats in the shower, and now we love her even more

Oftentimes, we wish for more hours in the day. Hearing that Jessica Biel saves time by eating in the shower makes us feel a little less alone. Since now we have an excuse. (Before, we figured we were just a little lazy.)

Biel went on The Tonight Show to discuss a recent Instagram photo she posted, which was more or less a set of dishes in her (very clean) shower.

"This is just mom life," Biel explained.

Biel’s son Silas, who was born in 2015, likely put her in a brand new schedule. We’re sure that husband Justin Timberlake has no problem with his wife’s strange, yet clever, habit.

Even better, Biel has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

"Sometimes it's a huge success! Sometimes it's a huge failure," she admitted.

Here’s the photo in question:

What we love is the fact that it’s not like she’s just bringing an orange in there to nosh on. Instead, it’s a chicken apple sausage. That sounds pretty incredible by itself, so we can only imagine how much better it tastes while enjoying a relaxing shower.

Biel exclaims that when a shower is involved, sausage actually works great. Other foods, like a sandwich — which has the potential of getting soggy — may not be the best choice. So, if you’re looking to adopt this particular behavior, that’s some solid advice on how to get started.

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