Jessica Alba’s secret to looking fit is one we can all get behind

Jessica Alba — creator of The Honest Company, mother of two, actress, and beautiful goddess — is a role model to all. She visited The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about her busy life as a business mogul and her new cover of Shape Magazine. But ironically enough, the actress doesn’t actually visit a gym or stick to a workout routine. Alba revealed that looking fit is all about the art of illusion.

Alba talked to host, Ellen DeGeneres, about the exercise she got walking up and down hills while trick-or-treating on Halloween. “So, I didn’t even need to go to the gym – not like I go to the gym, but I was like I really don’t need to go to the gym,” she laughed.

“Are you an imposter? How are you on the cover of Shape Magazine?” DeGeneres asked after Alba revealed she doesn’t workout. LOL.

Alba gave the heroic answer, "You know how you, like, cover the bits? And like, you know how to do the thing?" The actress and business mogul strategically placed her hands on her thighs and struck a pose, trying to emulate her Shape cover.

To Alba, the SHAPE cover is “all about inner beauty,” she said. Alba explained,”It really is about celebrating the thing that is important, which is inner beauty and confidence.”

Alba wanted to make sure when she started Honest Beauty, the focus wasn’t on trying to force conformity to the existing beauty standards. She explained, “…There’s so many different ideas of what is beautiful, and so many beauty companies want you to become someone else. And I was like, ‘How about if we’re just enhancing and celebrating your own beauty?’”

Watch the Ellen Show interview with Alba below:

“I love my shape because it allows me to do the things, most of the time, that I want to do,” Alba told Shape in her cover shoot interview. The working mom did admit that if she can get “some type of workout in a couple times a week,” it helps her feel healthy and happy.

But whether Alba actually does hit the gym once or twice a week, or gets her yearly workout in on Halloween night, we love how her main focus is on her inner beauty.

It’s always what’s on the inside that counts, anyway!

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