Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is releasing bipartisan diapers, and it’s kind of amazing

There’s no doubt that this election has completely divided the nation – even more so than previous ones. And as wild and wacky as this political circus has been, who would’ve thought that a diaper could potentially be the thing to bring everyone together?

Jessica Alba‘s eco-friendly beauty company, The Honest Company, has just released a new diaper with a bipartisan design that promotes unity beyond individual political views. The design includes a cartoon red elephant and a blue donkey, the symbols for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectfully.


Honest Co.’s co-founder and CEO Brian Lee told MOTTO, “Our children are the leaders of the future, and it is our responsibility as parents to ensure they grow up in a world of love. As the election approaches, let’s teach our children to embrace unity and compassion. There is one United States, one people, indivisible, and our new election diaper encompasses that sincere belief.”

Jessica Alba added, “I always try to set a good example for my children — but I’m amazed by how much I actually learn from them,” she told MOTTO via email. “Our election diapers were inspired by all of the little ones out there who were born not to see red or blue, but simply to love.”


It’s so important to remember that our children are sponges, and they absorb the thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints we have, whether we realize it or not. They will one day become educated, free thinkers who will enter the business world and create their own empires. It’s crucial that we teach them to love openly and accept others, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or political affiliation. That’s the only mindset that will properly put them on the path to success.

The diapers are available for purchase on The Honest Company, for $13.95.