Jessica Alba revealed the sex of her new baby

Pretty soon, their family is going to get just a bit bigger. Jessica Alba revealed the sex of her upcoming baby during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it looks like this one might not benefit as much from hand-me-downs. That’s because she and her husband Cash Warren are expecting a boy.

The couple are already parents to daughters Honor, who was born in 2008, and Haven, born in 2011, making the actress feel as if she needs to keep up with the “H” name tradition for their upcoming son. According to Alba, a few ideas are already floating around.

Since “Cash” is also a word, along with “Honor” and “Haven,” Fallon at one point suggested “Hermit.” Or, Kermit. But that would have broken tradition.

While a bit strange, it’s not as strange as Warren’s suggestion. Alba’s husband threw “Dick with a silent ‘H’,” onto the table, which Alba wasn’t too fond of. But hey, at least she humored him.

Aside from her Tonight Show appearance, the actress also chose to announce the sex through social media with this cute video with her and the girls.

Alba’s pregnancy was revealed this past June, also through Instagram. The message was pretty clear with the help of a few oversized balloons.

Whatever Alba and Warren decide to name their new baby, we know it’ll be something truly beautiful. So, with apologies to Fallon, we get the feeling that “Hermit” might end up in the “no” pile. (However, as the father of two girls of his own, maybe he can save it if he and his wife decide to try for a third!)

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