Jessica Alba has a perfect philosophy for life, and we’re ready to steal it

When an uber successful woman speaks, we listen intently, and you should too. So, Jessica Alba has a perfect life philosophy, and we’re *so* ready to steal it. The Honest Company CEO is always spreading the wealth, whether she’s sharing her favorite beauty hacks or letting us all in on her secrets to looking fit and fab, so we’re pretty confident that she won’t mind if we borrow her mantra in order to live the best lives we possibly can.

In a chat with Us Weekly, the 35-year-old businesswoman, actress and mother of two revealed the Japanese philosophy that helps her keep it all together, and it basically boils down to not only accepting that not every moment in life will be ideal, but understanding that there are actual perks that come with being a mess.

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"I am an earthy person and I'm a tactile person – there's this Japanese philosophy called 'wabi-sabi' that I sort of live by," Alba told Us. "It’s enjoying and embracing the imperfections of real life."


Naturally, Alba incorporates wabi-sabi into The Honest Company’s Moments campaign collaboration with Black Eyed Peas’ frontman The ad highlights “real moments in real people’s lives,” which we absolutely love.

In a spot titled Now What, a couple brings home their newborn baby, but instead of spending the entire time basking in the glow of their bundle of joy, they face some actual real-life problems on the way home from the hospital.

"Real wood or this [carpet] being a little bit off or things not being perfect because it has that human touch, it has that natural touch, are things that, to me, are the most beautiful," Alba added.

How refreshing! Alba’s glass half-full perspective officially gives us permission to feel better about not having our lives together.

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