Jessica Alba shared an adorable pic of all three of her kids, and OMG they’re getting so big

We know, we know — time passes, and kids grow. But that doesn’t mean we’re not continually blown away by it. Which is why our jaws all but dropped when we saw a recent Insta picture of Jessica Alba’s three children — Honor, Haven, and Hayes. As many Alba fans will know, the actress gave birth to Hayes this past December.

And since nothing gets a parent’s camera flashing like a new baby, we’ve been graced with an abundance of cute family pics lately…and we can’t believe how much Honor and Haven have grown!

In our aging minds, Alba’s daughters are still the tiny kiddos we remember from pictures like this one from 2013 (which 100% feels like approximately four months ago):


Or this one from 2016:


So imagine our shock when Alba posted the following pic of Honor, Haven, and baby Hayes from Sunday, March 25th:

Holy passage of time! We officially feel old. Also, Jessica Alba’s kids are officially the cutest.

But back to this whole mind-blowing time thing. Here’s another recent pic:

And another from not too long ago (though pre-baby Hayes):

And in non-“OMG, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!” news, Alba has been hard at work in the offices of The Honest Company lately (of which she’s the founder, NBD), and she’s also slated to star in the currently untitled Bad Boys spinoff series.

Thanks for sharing your adorable family pics, lady. Now excuse us while we go have a minor freak out about the nature of life.

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