Jessica Alba’s favorite beauty hacks are serious lifesavers

Makeup tends to be both a blessing and a curse. While giving ourselves full makeovers can be one of the most fun and relaxing experiences, we often find ourselves running out of time in the morning, making us choose between the perfect daytime smoky eye or a fabulous contour.

Luckily, one of our favorite actresses and beauty mavens, Jessica Alba, is here to make our days a little bit easier. The Honest Company founder recently stopped by Glamour magazine, which is where she shared six of her favorite beauty hacks — and they were surprisingly easy.

Check out the full video below:

Alba’s beauty hacks were not only incredibly easy, they were also super affordable. The hacks also ranged from beauty best practices, to solutions to pesky problems like chapped lips, to using makeup products in various ways.

First, Alba shared an eyebrow hack using scotch tape to create the eyebrow line, making it easier to fill in. It’s not only really simple, it uses materials already found in most homes.

One of our biggest problems with makeup is finding the right amount of coverage. Too often foundation comes on too strong, creating a painted-on look. Alba’s foundation hack created all-over coverage using a little bit of foundation and mixing it with a drop of face oil. This gave Alba’s beautiful model enough coverage, without looking too caked on.

Our other favorite hack from Alba covers the oh-so-scary issue of not having blush when you really need a little bit of cheek color. Luckily, Alba’s solution is as simple as a little bit of lipstick. Just apply a little lipstick to the cheekbones and use your finger to rub it in. It’s literally that easy.

We cannot wait to use Alba’s tips the next time we’re in a jam. We love how her hacks are not only incredibly simple, but they also allow us to think outside the box to create the perfect look.

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