Jessica Alba’s daughters just got an enviable room makeover

Jessica Alba’s 4-year-old daughter Haven was recently ready to move from her crib to a big girl bed, so she’s gotten a total room makeover that has us all sort of wishing we could be adopted by her mom. I mean, being Jessica Alba’s kid would be a pretty awesome gig on any day of the week, but wow. Take a look at this bed:

Gorgeous, right? The gold canopy! The pretty floral duvet cover! That edgy skull pillow! We’re thinking Haven could live here until she’s 25. Easily.

Jessica has always had a rocking sense of style, but for this particular project she had a little help from fashion designers and stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott (because when you’re 4 years old and the child of a celebrity, you need professionally decorated digs, obviously). Emily and Meritt collaborated with PB Teen to give both Haven and her older sister Honor (7 1/2) extreme bedroom makeovers. Alba told People, “[Emily and Meritt] really get my sense of style and pay attention to every little detail.”

And there are details galore! We love the big X and O’s on Haven’s wall. Her room is also filled with adorable bunny details. Honor’s room has black and white leopard spotted sheets and a gorgeous bunny chair. There’s also…wait for it…a gold unicorn head on the wall. A GOLD UNICORN, GUYS. I never knew I needed one of those until this very moment. But I do. Big time.

We just love Emily and Merritt’s eclectic sense of style. They say, “Stripes, scallops, polka dots and sequins might sound like an unlikely mix, but together they are magic! An easy rule to follow when mixing prints is to keep the color palette similar — you can’t go wrong with black, white & gold!”

We have a sudden urge to redecorate. Bring on the polka dots, stripes and sequins.

And don’t forget the unicorn!

[Image via Twitter.]

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