Jessica Alba just shared a photo of herself breastfeeding at work — like a BOSS

Moms are pros at multitasking. And since this is her third time with a newborn, Jessica Alba knows how to breastfeed while at work like it ain’t no thang. Alba, who founded The Honest Company, noted that even when she takes time off for maternity leave, she can’t help but check in with the business on occasion. Hence, breastfeeding while being a BOSS.

And thus, baby Hayes Alba Warren, born on December 31st, attended his first official board meeting. Hayes is Alba’s first son with husband Cash Warren. Alba and Warren also have two daughters, Honor and Haven. “Cash and I feel so blessed,” Alba said on Instagram after announcing his birth. “Haven and Honor are already obsessed with their new baby bro.” According to Warren, baby Hayes arrived “a few days early but we couldn’t be any happier.

In the past, Alba has been pretty vocal about how people can get hyper judgmental about breastfeeding. “When you become a mom, the last thing you want to do is feel judged,” she told back in 2013.

Alba also posted another selfie, writing:

"Went into my @honest office today for a board meeting, although I’m still technically on mat leave," Alba wrote. "Not gonna lie, it’s impossible for me to completely unplug from work ...and it felt nice being back -even though it was just a half day. Baby boy came to visit/eat at lunch. Felt very productive today."

While we recognize that Alba — as the head of her own company — has the luxury of not worrying about whether or not she can or should breastfeed at work, we’re still glad she shared the post. Breastfeeding in public — aka nourishing one’s child in public — is still considered a taboo by way too many in our culture, and we applaud any and all efforts to chip away at that stigma.