Jessica Alba can barely get through creating her first ASMR video without cracking up

Jessica Alba may be the hardest-working entertainer in quarantine. Between shooting a boatload of TikTok dance videos and uploading to her new YouTube channel, Alba is dedicated to keeping her fans in high spirits during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Now, she’s entered into the ASMR world. Alba posted her first attempt at the whispering phenomenon, and she could barely get through the five-minute video without absolutely losing it.

Alba linked to her ASMR YouTube video in an Instagram post yesterday, April 9th. But if you’re worried about whether she’s practicing social distancing, don’t worry: She filmed with her pal Adam Rose before shelter-in-place orders.

“I cried this AM while watching the news, not gonna front—been having waves of ⬆️⬇️ and needed a giggle,” Alba captioned her preview video on Instagram. “So that’s why I wanted to post this vid!”

The preview of Alba’s ASMR attempt is funny—but the entire video is hilarious. “If I get this in, you have to do 10 jumping burpees,” Alba whispers to Rose, who responds with a whispered, “Oh my god. Don’t these things have to be possible?” Rose then retorts after Alba’s failed shot: “If I get this in, I get to keep one of your rings.”

The scores stayed low, but the stakes remained high (and absolutely hysterical).

Alba and Rose made their ASMR experience into a drinking game, so watching it from home could be one, too. (Drink every time either Alba or Rose cracks up). But we care too much about your well-being to challenge you to such a feat.

ASMR—for those who haven’t yet stumbled down the YouTube rabbit hole—is an acronym for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” It’s that tingling feeling that some people get in their heads and down their spines. ASMR videos often feature whispers, slow hand motions, and soft lighting designed to trigger that tingling. While some people don’t experience this sensation, they can still find ASMR relaxing.

If you, like Alba, need a giggle today, this ASMR video will give you just that. We can’t say it will relax you—but it will instantly boost your mood.

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