Fans Are *So* Emotional About Jesse Williams’ Exit From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Come back, Jackson Avery!

After 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, you’d think we’d all be used to saying goodbye to our favorite characters, but the tears flow every time—especially after the latest cast departure. On Thursday night’s episode, Jackson Avery officially left Seattle, and fans are having a pretty hard time coming to terms with the fact that Jesse Williams is no longer part of Grey‘s.

After reuniting with the person he’s obviously supposed to be with, April Kepner (duh), Jackson officially quit Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Of course, since he’s now working directly with his family’s foundation, that now means he’s technically everyone’s boss…but that doesn’t really help those of us at home who won’t get to see Williams on our screens every Thursday night.

If you had an emotional reaction to the footage above, just know you’re not alone. A ton of fans have taken to Twitter to share their feelings, and boy, there are a lot of them.

First of all, the reminiscing: Has it really been over a decade since Jackson first started working at Grey Sloan?! (Also, RIP Dr. Percy)

The tears were definitely flowing…though some of them were happy tears.

Others pointed out that this was proof that Jackson knows how to make an exit.

And even the next morning, saying goodbye definitely didn’t get any easier.

It’s impossible to imagine Grey’s Anatomy without Jackson Avery, but now that the show has been renewed for Season 18, we’ll find out what that’s like eventually.

And at least we still have Meredith Grey—well, for now, anyway.

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