Jess learns the craziest thing about Robby on “New Girl” and OH NO

Sometimes the *perfect* person for you might actually be too perfect for you. Case in point: Jess and Robby. The two are alike in so many ways, and share so many of the same interests, it’s like they were cut from the same mold. Turns out, THEY ACTUALLY WERE.

Jess and Robbie are so perfect together because they’re actually related. Yup. Jess has been dating her cousin this whole time, and oh girl, this is not good.

Before we get to that Earth-shattering revelation, everything between Jess and Robby is going good! Jess likes him, the rest of the loft likes him, and they’re like two peas in a pod. For a fun adventure, Jess and Robby decide to go hiking. That’s where Jess hurts her ankle and Robby loses his glasses…and then it starts to rain. This sends the two of them into a nearby cave for shelter, where Jess wonders aloud if there’s ever such a thing as being too perfect for someone.



Robby shrugs off the comment, sighting an uncle of his out by Boston. No way, Jess ALSO has an uncle in Boston.

Yes, it’s the same uncle.



They are. There’s no doubt about it. They’ve even met as kids at a family reunion — and then Robby goes on to joke that they can go to the next family reunion together.


Obviously, this is the end of the Jess and Robby fairytale. The two cannot keep dating (sadly) and Jess is back to square one, un-coupled in the apartment. But hey, she’s been through worse heartbreak before, and she will be fine.