The year of Jess Glynne is about to begin

Jess Glynne is the next British singer-songwriter to take over the states. The 25-year-old has had 4 number 1 hits in the UK within the past year alone! We already know her voice from the hit song ‘Rather Be’ with Clean Bandit. So if you’re looking for new workout, dance, inspire-the-day music, Jess Glynne is your gal.

You know she’s good when Clean Bandit heard her stuff and contacted her to be a part of ‘Rather Be’. They hopped in the studio and collaborated on the song. ‘Rather Be’ has broken multiple records, has over 297 MILLION views on YouTube, and even won them a Grammy for 2015’s Best Dance Recording!

Her debut solo album I Cry When I Laugh is out in the states on September 11th. It’s upbeat with soul and R&B-inspired tracks. She’s said that the album is like a journey- full of hope and positive vibes. She had just gone through a breakup, so it’s just what you need if you’re feeling down. We talked to Jess about the album, donuts and everything else about being the next big thing in music. Here’s what she had to say.

Hey Jess, how are you? 

I’m okay…other than I can’t talk at the moment, so it’s a little hard to do things.

True! Your album is named I Cry When I Laugh (which I love!). Is there a song off the album that you can’t wait to perform live for your fans?

My favorite song on the album is ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’ and I think I love playing it live. It’s so much fun!

I’ve read that you’ve been inspired by Aretha, Whitney, Prince, and Beyoncé- are there any newer artists that have been inspiring you lately?

I love the Lion Babe EP at the moment. That’s inspired me quite a bit and Jessie Ware’s album has been making me smile too.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you so far? 

I think the craziest thing that has happened to me so far was my single ‘Hold My Hand’ going to number 1 for 3 weeks! That was insane.

That’s so amazing! What are 3 things you can’t go on tour without?

I can’t go on tour without comfy clothes, Manuka honey, and hair products.

Your pre-show ritual is chanting “Donuts!” with your band. I know people warm-up by singing or chanting something inspirational, how’d you guys decide on chanting “Donuts!”?

When my band and I first got together and started rehearsals, whoever made a mistake or messed up had to buy everyone donuts and it became a theme in the band. So when we had our first show, we all put our hand in the middle of a huddle I was like, what are we going to say?, so we chose donuts! It has stuck ever since! I love it and I love my band! It’s special to us.

I love it! It’s so unique and funny. I saw that one of your top dream people to collaborate with was Amy Winehouse. Is there anyone else you’d love to play music with?

There are so many people I would love to work with and I honestly would find it so hard to name one. I like to take each opportunity as it comes.

If someone hasn’t listened to your music before, what song or songs would you tell them to check out?

I would say listen to ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’, ‘Hold My Hand’, ‘Take Me Home’, and ‘Why Me’. That would give them a good flavor of the album.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the HelloGiggles’ readers?

I would like to say thank you for supporting me! My album is out in September and I will be on tour over there too. So if you want to see me, check out the dates and if you want to hear me, go grab yourself a CD!

We can’t wait to catch her when she’s back on the road! Check out my fave ‘Hold my Hand’ and all of her awesome collaborations with Clean Bandit and Tinie Tempah. Hopefully you’ll walk away feeling inspired with a smile on your face!

You can pre-order Jess’ album here!

(Featured image by Simon Emmett. Other images via Atlantic Records.)