Lipstick inspired by Jerry Hall? Yes, please!

If you’re addicted to lipstick, you may *think* you’ve got ’em all. But if you’re a major fan of Jerry Hall — the top model who was on the cover of dozens of magazines in the ’70s, was married to Mick Jagger, and was featured in movie’s like Tim Burton’s Batman — think again. A totally beautiful lipstick inspired by Jerry Hall has recently been released. Oh, and it’s an eye-catching shade of red, and perfect for summer.

British makeup artist (or, rather, makeup MASTER) Charlotte Tilbury has gone 40 years into the past for inspiration for her latest makeup collection. Influenced by Norman Parkinson, a celebrated and renowned English photographer who was known for his eye for color and light, Tilbury, pictured below with her collection inspiration, has created a totally gorg limited-edition makeup and accessories collection that features iconic images of Norman’s subjects.

The entire collection, entitled “The Norman Parkinson Collection,” is to die for, TBH. But what we’ve really, really got our eye on? The new Matte Revolution in 1975 Red. It’s pretty much Jerry Hall in a lipstick. NEEEED.

The lipstick shade was inspired by a 1975 photograph on the cover of the British Vogue of Hall being totally fabulous in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The image features Hall in a bright blue swim cap and bathing suit that match her eyes and compliment her tomato-red lipstick. That same shade of lipstick is what Tilbury has now made available in our lives.

“My new Matte Revolution in 1975 Red is a limited edition shade especially created for the TilburyXParkinson collection,” Tilbury wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday. “The classic ‘70s sunset red captures the fun, naughty, and glamorous mood of the decade.” Sunset red lipstick inspired by Jerry Hall? Why don’t we have this already? Vanity Fair even voted 1975 Red to be one of the top summer lipsticks to buy.

The photograph also inspired Tilbury to create Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette because of Jer’s fabulous summer glow. “I have always been fascinated and inspired by the incredible work of Norman Parkinson,” Tilbury wrote on Facebook.

The collection also features images of Carmen Dell’Orefice and Wenda Parkinson (Norman’s wife and prime muse), and was also inspired by Audrey Hepburn. You can buy it all — or just the lipstick, for $32.00 — here. Thank you, Charlotte Tilbury — we didn’t even know we needed this until now.

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[Images via Charlotte Tilbury’s Facebook]

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