These throwback photos of Too Faced’s original logo will take you right back to the ’90s

Few things bring us as much joy as when Jerrod Blandino teases Too Faced products, but we were absolutely delighted when he shared a throwback photo of Too Faced’s original cute logo. For those of us who’ve been loving Too Faced since the ’90s, it was a warm welcome and adorable blast from the past. Too Faced is such an established, successful global brand that it’s easy to forget that they started out just a few decades ago. And while you’ll still recognize that feminine pink aesthetic, the old logo was definitely a sign of the times, and it’s hilarious.

Jerrod Blandino’s throwback photos are taking us down memory lane, and it’s a thrill to see how far Too Faced has come since then.

Jerrod drew this logo by hand for the first few test products. Isn’t it as precious as it could possibly be? And how great is the name of their first supermodel spokeswoman? Envy!

You could have tricked us into believing that this compact is from a current collection. It looks fresh, true to their aesthetic, and romantic.

Jerrod Blandino’s pics are a perfect example of how a brand like Too Faced can evolve and change with the times without losing their original spirit.

We can still see Jerrod’s charm and spunky attitude in all these old logos and designs, can’t you?

There’s no one quite like Jerrod when it comes to creating timeless, beloved beauty products and that includes the iconic packaging. We love it when he posts photos of old designs because they’re all imbued with his sense of style and love of makeup. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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