Jerrod Blandino shared a mysterious new palette that reminds us of Too Faced’s original logo

Not only does our darling Jerrod Blandino love to give us sneak peeks at future products, he also loves to throw it back to the good old days and give us glimpses of Too Faced’s humble beginnings. He just shared a palette we’ve never seen before that looks just like Too Faced’s original logo, and we are dying to know what this could mean.

Clearly, Jerrod has something up his sleeve, hence all the recent pictures that are a walk down Too Faced’s memory lane. Could an anniversary palette be in the works? And if so, what wonders will it contain?

We have a sneaking suspicion that Jerrod Blandino is going to surprise us with a special Too Faced palette full of vintage shadow shades.

This is seriously beyond exciting for die-hard fans of Too Faced. We’ve loved them since we first started dabbling in makeup, so we’re feeling extra nostalgic about this.

Can we talk about the SIZE of that palette? It’s a whopper. This must be indicative of the sheer number of shadow and shades that it contains. It’s very possible that it’s a full face palette, with eyeshadows, cheek colors, and more all-in-one sweet, vintage-styled package.

Given all of Jerrod Blandino’s recent throwback pics and chatter about the beginnings of the brand, could an entire Too Faced 20th Anniversary Collection be headed our way?

We might actually have a heart attack if some of those vintage lipsticks make their way back to us.

You better believe we’ll be on high alert and stalking Too Faced’s social media until we get the full details on what this could all possibly entail. Our minds are going wild at the prospect of a full anniversary collection full of original products and shades. Could you even imagine? We need to go lay down.

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