Jerrod Blandino is whipping up something special for Too Faced, and it involves unicorns

The King of sneak peeks, Jerrod Blandino, is back today with an incredible Instagram video of a future product that looks like it’s going to be absolutely STUNNING. Too Faced is mixing up something special in that joy factory of theirs, and it looks like it involves unicorns! This shimmering purple concoction could be anything — what do you think it is?

Our money is on a Unicorn Tears liquid lipstick, but we can’t wait to find out for sure! Regardless of what it is, it’s seriously beautiful. It looks like it was cooked up in a magical land to lift our spirits and make us feel like fairy creatures.

Purpley-silver magic! How do they even come up with such gorgeous creations? Mad props, Too Faced geniuses.

We hope it isn’t too long before we find out exactly what that’s going to be and when we can get one for ourselves! Because you know whatever it is, it’s going to be really good.

In the meantime, we’ll make ourselves busy daydreaming about all the other new upcoming products that are on their way as well!

Like these gorgeous Love Light highlighters that will change our lives come spring!

And the Hangover Setting Spray that can’t be here soon enough!

And don’t even get us started on how excited we are for the Natural Love palette to come out!

We’ve got our best angel faces on in anticipation of all these goodies headed our way!

What do you think? Is that video of a lipstick? Could it be a liquid lipstick? Or maybe it’s something we’ve never even thought of! The possibilities are truly endless!