Things got pretty weird on ‘Jeopardy’ last night

File this one under #JeopardyStruggle. Last night on the game show, things descended to a new low. Like, a low so low that only one contestant was around for Final Jeopardy and SPOILER ALERT they didn’t even get the question right.

Here’s the scene: Kristin, Brad, and Stephanie were doin’ their thing, playin’ Jeopardy, but things were not going well. At all. By the time they got to the Final Jeopardy round Brad and Stephanie were so far in the red that they were automatically done-zo.

Kristin tackled the tough U.S. government question solo but SIGH she just didn’t have the answer. This situation is kind of like the Jeopardy version of a clown getting a pie in the face.

In defense of the Turd Ferguson levels of fail that we witnessed, getting to be a contestant on Jeopardy is ridiculously hard and actually being there is probably crazy-levels of intimidating. I mean, sometimes when I sit on my couch and watch Jeopardy I feel like an absolute prodigy because I can answer three questions in a row. BUT if I were actually on set with the music, and the audience, and the buzzer, and Alex Trebek I’d probably have some sort of stress-induced brain freeze and forget everything I’ve ever known. Maybe that’s what happened last night?

Sorry it turned out this way you guys! As Trebek put it, “not one of the show’s best episodes.”

Check out the clip. It’s kind of cringe-city, but everyone has had a #fail moment or two.

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