This ‘Jeopardy’ contestant hilariously invoked the spirit of Turd Ferguson

In a clip born ready for SNL, a Jeopardy contestant slid in a fast one, getting Alex Trebek to say, “Turd Ferguson” in all seriousness. Get ready to meet your new hero, her name is Talia.

Talia didn’t know the answer to the Final Jeopardy question, which asked for a song about censorship that was censored at the Oscars (the answer is “Blame Canada” FYI). So she went all-in with “The Love Ballad of Turd Ferguson,” borrowing some Norm McDonald-as-Burt-Reynolds cred. You know, as one does when they have a shot at greatness.

Props to Trebek for playing the moment straight. Somehow his poker face just makes the whole thing even weirder.

On second thought, it’s kinda hard to explain. So how ’bout you just feast your eyes on the hilarious moment?

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(Images via NBC)

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