Jensen Ackles comically paid tribute to his “Supernatural” character on Thanksgiving

One of the many, many, MANY things we love about Dean Winchester (other than his face) is that Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester loves food almost as much as we do. Specifically, Dean loves PIE. It’s a running joke on the long-standing show, and any mention of “Dean loves pie” is bound to get a giggle out of any diehard fan (or even casual fan — seriously, he loves pie). Apparently, though, fans aren’t the only ones tickled by Dean’s proclivity.

Jensen Ackles, the actor who portrays Dean, really leaned into the joke this Thanksgiving, and we’re still laughing.

Jensen’s Instagram referenced the pie obsession with a well-placed hashtag.

Life lessons being taught. #pie Happy post-thanksgiving eating y'all

This wasn’t the first year that Jensen saw the opportunity to make the perfect Dean joke and took it, though. Last year, he tweeted a similar sentiment with a little more enthusiasm.

Suffice to say, this is one case in which life seems to imitate art — we’re sure the pie thing is kind of a joke, but he also seems to frequently be surrounded by pie. This begs the question: What came first, Dean’s love for pie, or Jensen’s?

If you’re not familiar with Dean’s ~supernatural~ love for pie, check out the compilation video below. But be warned, it’s so cute that if you’re not a fan, you might end up watching your way through over a decade of episodes as a result.

We hope that Dean got some pie this year, too.

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