This video of “Supernatural’s” Jensen Ackles playing with his little girl is making our ovaries hurt

Well, Jensen Ackles is officially a contender for father of the year. Not only did the Supernatural star recently become a father to newborn twins Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes, he’s also dad to his adorable three-year-old daughter Justice Jay.

To put it simply: Justice and her dad have the cutest father-daughter relationship ever, and it’s seriously making us feel twinges of pain in our ovaries. It all started when Ackles came across an old video of some playtime with his little girl and he posted it to Instagram with the caption,

“Found this from a year ago. She thinks we’re just having fun but I’m secretly teaching her some classic WWE moves. #fbf #fatherfriday”

Excuse us, that hashtag “fatherfriday” is quite possibly the most adorable hashtag in existence.

In the video, Justice rides on her dad’s shoulders as if he’s an elevator. Because obviously no one makes a better elevator than a dad. Our favorite part though? When she says “again,” like any toddler would do, and Ackles doesn’t even hesitate to have her jump right back on his shoulders for another round of elevator dad.

Ackles has a lot of happiness happening in his life right now. He and his wife Danneel seem to still be on cloud nine while raising their three adorable kids. Just after the twins were born, Ackles posted the following ridiculously cute picture of his family to Instagram. And he gave it some pretty happy hashtags.

“#family #happy2017 #spnfamily,” he wrote.

We look forward to watching his kiddos grow and watching Ackles continue to be the most perfect dad. (Though our ovaries might not be able to take it.)

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