Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki celebrate this amazing “Supernatural” news with a bromantic selfie

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are obviously mostly famous for their starring roles on the incredibly long-running and much beloved CW show Supernatural, but we also think they’d be famous anyway for their really really ridiculously good-looking selfies.

Like, whether or not you’re a Supernatural fan, we think we can all agree on the indisputable fact that these are some really smokin’ dudes. On top of that, they also appear to be really good friends. The combination of these two things should put them at the top of your ‘celebrities to follow on Instagram’ list, but in case you haven’t put two and two together yet, we’re HERE for you.

To celebrate the beginning of Supernatural Season 12 (!!!), Jared and Jensen shared a selfie, documenting the start of the season AND their bromance and also how attractive they are. UM…

The caption reads: Happy Season 12 Premiere y'all! Our #FAHYB campaign is back for 72 hours only with new hats at (link to buy in my bio!) #spnfamily"

We love that these guys are so passionate about their show, and so compassionate to their fans. We know that we’re thrilled to get back into the Supernatural world, and it just makes it all the more enjoyable when we know that the actors who bring our favorite characters to life feel the same way about something we love.


Plus, y’know. We’re also really into pictures of their faces. We’re always happy to get more Supernatural… and more selfies of the Padalecki-Ackles bromance.


SO good.

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