‘Jenny’s Wedding’ is Rory Gilmore’s new movie—and it looks amazing

Although we’re still no closer to a Gilmore Girls reunion movie, later this month we get to see Rory get married! Alexis Bledel co-stars in the upcoming IFC release Jenny’s Wedding, and it looks, well, awesome.

Alexis plays Katie, whose girlfriend Jenny (played by Katherine Heigl) comes out to her family after the couple decides to get married. The trailer, which features scenes of Jenny’s family badgering her about meeting a nice guy and getting married before she announces that the woman they thought was her roommate is actually her live-in partner, looks emotional, sweet and exactly the kind of rom-com we’ve been waiting for in the age of marriage equality.

The film hit theaters on July 31st, and VOD the next day! Check out the trailer below.

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