Jenny Slate’s next movie is a beautiful nostalgia trip that will 100% make you cry

Most of us bond with our sisters over pedicures and movie dates, but that’s not the case for Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn. In Landline, the pair play sisters Dana (Slate) and Ali (Quinn), who find themselves growing close as they try to the bottom of whether or not their dad’s been cheating.

The first trailer for Landline introduces us to both sisters, and it’s clear from the get-go that Dana’s perception of Ali is pretty shallow.

“Ali doesn’t want to go anywhere unless everybody wears berets, and they all smoke clove cigarettes, and they all make their own hummus, but they eat it out of frisbees, states Dana sarcastically after learning her kid sister hasn’t made up her mind about where she wants to go to college yet.

The jab, however, all seems very pot calling the kettle black— especially after we learn that Dana can’t seem to set a date for her own wedding and might even be getting cold feet.

Dana and Ali might have their own problems to worry about, but it’s clear they’ll be setting those aside once they discover a floppy disc (have we mentioned Landline is set in the 90s?) that changes everything they thought they knew about their parent’s happy marriage.

One of our favorite things about Landline is that it reunites Slate with Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre. And, much like the 2014 dramedy, we’ve got a feeling that Landline’s quick-witted dialogue will have us in stitches…that is until we find ourselves crying into our popcorn. We’re already misty eyed over that scene of Dana (Slate), Ali (Abby Quinn), and their mom (Edie Falco), huddled together on the bathroom floor!

It looks like Landline is set to be quite the emotional roller coaster, so we’ll totally be packing tissues in our bags before heading out to see this one in theaters on Jully 21.