Your best friend, Jenny Slate, hung out with your boyfriend, Jon Hamm, at the movies

In news that will bring the world’s cheesiest grin to your face, delightful humans Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm went to the movies together, and we’re officially jealous of both their lives. The two are currently starring in the film Aardvark together — about a therapist (Slate) who’s in a ~complicated~ relationship with one of her patient’s brothers (Hamm) — so it makes sense that after bonding on set, they’d take in some big-screen entertainment together.

Hamm and Slate were truly in fine form on their trip to the movies.

(Side note: Can we get a “Hallelujah!” for Slate’s amazing parachute pants?)

The internet is kind of losing it over this pair, with Complex putting Slate and Hamm on celebrity couple watch…

We’re just happy they’ve found companionship with each other. After all, everyone deserves a good movie-going buddy, and we can’t think of anyone funnier or more insightful to chat with about a film than Slate or Hamm.

Also, can we talk about how Jenny Slate is living our dream life? Not only is she starring in incredible movies, but she’s also finding herself in some amazing company. I mean, guys, she dated Captain America. And now she’s hanging with our collective boyfriend, Jon Hamm? Jenny, please advise us.

One request: Can you guys please invite us to the movies next time?