Jenny Slate’s dad reminded his daughter to “resist” Trump in a subtle but sweet way

If there is anything better in the world than Jenny Slate’s laugh, we have yet to find it. Slate has been out to dinner a lot lately (sometimes reuniting with her maybe-not-ex Chris Evans), but isn’t the best meal always at home? Last night, Slate enjoyed a homecooked meal with her parents. And thanks to her adorable father, it came with a side of resistance.

We fell hard for Jenny Slate forever ago, and she has always brought us so much joy. From her killer dating advice to her wisdom on over-texting, we just think she is the best. And we know where she gets it from: Ron Slate. While hard at work in the kitchen, Mr. Slate wrote the evening’s menu on a chalkboard hanging on the wall for everyone to see.

If you have never made chicken, rice, and salad with a side of toasts and resistance, well, you are missing out.

In the video, Slate asks her father who wrote the menu, and he slyly pretends not to know. Then, he goes on to joke about the current political climate and says something pretty deep about the current president.

"I like the period of life that we're living in," Mr. Slate said sarcastically. "You know, I think in a strange way, Donald Trump is our friend because he's made us come alive."

The conversation is in jest, but in a way, Mr. Slate is correct. The resistance is alive and well.

Slate has been outspoken about politics for years, but certainly even more so in the past 12 months. The Slate father-daughter duo wrote a book together called About the House. The book consists of personal essays, stories, and poems about the house that Slate grew up in, that her family still owns. The book covers topics like feminism and the strong female household that Slate was raised in.

These two are too much. Too cute, too strong, too wise. We’re so glad to have them as members of society. And hey Mr. Slate, we’d like some of that chicken and rice with a side of resistance too!

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