Jenny Slate had a crazy Uber experience

Only Jenny Slate could hop in an Uber and have it turn into something this ridiculous. The actress and comedian told Jimmy Fallon her one cab story, and we can’t believe it actually happened.

There is nothing more terrifying than getting into an Uber at 2AM only to have the driver star flicking lights and singing, “Welcome to the Trivia Cab!” However, that’s exactly what went down.

At two in the morning, none of us should be expected to successfully answer trivia, but Jenny, always the good sport, tried her best to play along, even though it got increasingly clear that it maybe wasn’t the best idea.

“I don’t know any answers to anything, including where I live,” she admits. “My friend put it in my phone.”

Clearly, she made it out unscathed, and maybe even learned a thing or two. Let’s just hope it never, ever happens again.