Jenny Slate just shared the perfect passage to give you that little boost of courage you may need

We’re all pretty inspired by Jenny Slate. From her interview where she bravely opened up about her breakup with Chris Evans to her style and fashion expertise, we’re amazed by her. And now that she’s single for the first time in her adult life, she’s been giving us a lot of inspirational advice.

Jenny took to Instagram to share some important words for her fans. She posted a quote about how we have to address the things happening by name. If we do, then it is how we, as a society, can change the world. Pretty deep, right? Well, it isn’t really surprising coming from Jenny.

After all, Jenny Slate is smart, funny, and beautiful. What’s not to love?

The Landline star has always been a go-getter. From her comedy career (and short stint on Saturday Night Live) to Obvious Child and more, she’s continued to prove herself in the entertainment world. But even someone like Jenny needs some inspiration from time to time (even though she’s that inspiration for us).

So she shared a Rebecca Solnit quote that helped her when she needed some courage herself.

"The task of calling things by their true names, of telling the truth to the best of our abilities, of knowing how we got here, of listening particularly to those who have been silenced in the past, of seeing how the myriad stories fit together and break apart, of using any privilege we may have been handed to undo privilege or expand its scope is each of our tasks," the Solnit quote reads. "It's how we make the world."

But really, the deeper message in the quote is something that we could all learn from. Labeling the thing and addressing it head on rather than trying to justify what is bothering you can help anyone be a more well rounded person.

And it is nice to know that sometimes even Jenny Slate suffers with being afraid. So whether or not you know about Jenny Slate doesn’t matter. What does is that you take her advice to heart. Sometimes we all need a little bit of courage and knowing that Jenny does to makes it a little easier to be afraid.

We love you Jenny and thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!