Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are officially back together, because 2017 isn’t all bad

Any Twitter sleuth could have told us a week ago, but now it’s confirmed: Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are officially back together. First Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, then Slate and Evans…which celebrity exes are next?! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?! Oh, actually, please, let that one be true.

People confirmed that Slate and Evans are back together, and an eye-witness spotted them on an apartment hunt in New York this week. Don’t get too excited — it’s not because they’re shacking up. Evans is starring in a Broadway show next year and needs a New York pad. People added that they looked happy and “very much back together.” Cute.

While the confirmation is a nice touch, fans began to suspect the two got back together a few weeks ago. Earlier this month, Evans posted a video of his dog, but you can hear Slate’s iconic laughter in the background. Evans posted another dog video featuring Slate’s laugh on November 20th, and it was starting to feel like they wanted us to know they were together.

Slate also posted a mysterious Instagram caption back in September, and we wonder if perhaps it was alluding to her reconciliation with Evans.

“Sometimes it is hard to accept love when it is offered but you just gotta tell yourself that you deserve the treat. You are a good girl and you deserve the treat,” Slate wrote on Instagram next to a photo of a dog being offered a flower.

Here’s the now-famous dog video featuring Slate’s laughter.

In related news, Slate announced her recent book deal! However, don’t expect any relationship stories a la Anna Faris’s book, because Slate’s will be a feminist essay and fable collection.

Congrats on the book and congrats on love’s second chance.