Jenny Mollen Shares Son’s Hilarious Overshare With His Entire Class: “Mom Is Eating Tons of Penis”

The cookbook author and wife to Jason Biggs proves kids can say the darndest things.

Kids say the darndest things. Every parent can relate to a time their offspring has said something off-color or embarrassing —and some incidents are definitely worse than others.

Such was the case recently for actress and cookbook author Jenny Mollen. Mollen, who shares sons Lazlo, 5, and Sid, 8, with husband Jason Biggs, shared a screenshot of an email she received from one of Sid’s teachers to her Instagram account, which has 432,000 followers.

The teacher was concerned about a comment Mollen’s son made in class that day.

It reads: “Today in school your son shared with his classmates that you are in Copenhagen on an adult trip and have been eating (pardon my language) ‘tons of penis,’ ” the email states. “While I hate to bother you on your vacation, I felt strongly that you should be aware and perhaps address the issue at your earliest convenience.”

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In the next slide, the 43-year-old mom shared another screenshot of what appears to be her response to the teacher, stating, “Dear Karen, he’s not lying. I have been eating tons of penis on this trip,” she wrote.

Mollen further went on to explain that the delicacy her son was innocently referring to was ‘reindeer penis ragout,” which she enjoyed at a local restaurant.

“Definitely gonna need to ‘rein’ it in when I get home,” she quipped in her response.

Commenters including Jenna Dewan, Lo Bosworth, and Anna Lynne McCord, all posted laughing and “dead” emojis with McCord joking, “I’m very envious of your trip to Copenhagen.’

Mollen is no stranger to creative cuisine. She is the author of Dictator Lunches: Inspired Meals That Will Compel Even the Toughest of (Tyrants) Children.

No word yet on whether or not she was researching for her next cookbook.

Jené Luciani Sena
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