Jenny Mollen is already getting real about her post-baby body, and we couldn’t love her more

Instagram is usually a playground for people who want to present a different, more glamorous version of themselves to the world. But in a recent post, Jenny Mollen brought some refreshing authenticity to the platform. Mollen showed off her post-baby body with a super honest pic.

The 38-year-old actress and her husband, actor Jason Biggs, welcomed their second son just a few days ago. The very cutely named Lazlo is Mollen and Biggs’ second child, after son Sid who was born in 2014.

After Lazlo’s birth, Mollen posted some v cute pictures on the ‘Gram.

Those pictures include a selfie of Mollen’s post-baby body.

She is seriously rocking some hospital underwear. The caption reads, “Post op chic. #babybiggs.”

Here’s why we appreciate this candor.

Let’s be real, birthing a child is not a tidy affair. It’s this big, messy, painful thing. Women are literally CREATING a tiny human where there was not one before. And it often results in scarring and other side effects. Way to go Jenny for keeping it true to life.

Comments on Mollen’s post are so supportive.

@hillarykramerlynch writes, “congrats mama!! You look amazing and thanks for having the courage to post a real picture of post pregnancy!”

@passengershaming praised Mollen as a hero: “Damn girl, how are you even standing?! #HERO ❤️❤️❤️and thank you for serving mom REALNESS xo.”

@meggyspeggys praised those hospital undies. “Nothing like those hospital undies! All the sexiness. Thanks for showing the reality that is post birth.”

Keep the cute pics coming, Jenny and Jason!

Those kids are pretty lucky to have such a cool mom.

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