Jenny Lewis’ new video for “She’s Not Me” is here and it’s making our week

Today, Jenny Lewis released the new music video for, “She’s Not Me,” which might just be the most emblematic song from her 2014 album The Voyager. And, guys, we are at a major loss for words — it’s THAT rad. Not totally surprising, though — “Just One of the Guys” was easily one of the best rock videos of 2014, and it, too, employed the same tongue-in-cheek humor and aesthetic as “She’s Not Me.” Starring Lewis, Zosia Mamet, Vanessa Bayer (who JUST interviewed Lewis for her series Sound Advice — now we know why!), and Fred Armisen, the music video creates a gorgeously hilarious interpretation of “She’s Not me,” and the quartet pays not-so-subtle homage to some of Lewis’ child star movie roles.

The song itself is incredibly meaningful to the core. “She’s Not Me” reflects on the idea of “the guy that got away,” and being a hard person to be with romantically —but also maturing and understanding that about yourself and who you might have been. And this is ethereally juxtaposed with Lewis’ very literal self-growth — she’s not the little girl from Troop Beverly Hills anymore. She’s not the Jenny we like to talk about, the Jenny who wore a side pony tail gathered up in a bright scrunchy, the befreckled girl who collected hats and, as a 20-something, sang about boys and unrequited love and The Frug. Our Jenny is all grown up. And here’s what she has to say, or, rather, sing.

The music video itself plays like an inside joke between Lewis and all of us. She’s not winking at us —she’s winking right along with us, saying yes, I know you all know me as the girl from Troop Beverly Hills, the girl from Rilo Kiley in sparkly thrift-shop dresses. But, listen up. It opens with Lewis being locked away at the Van Nuys police department (a city where she lived as a kid) and segues into a mock-segment of The Golden Girls called The Gilded Gals. Lewis is dressed up as a Girl Scout, carrying a teddy bear and wearing two-toned saddle shoes, while Mamet, Bayer, and Armisen sit across from her in prim nightgowns.

And really, there is just so much that is obsession-worthy in “She’s Not Me.” Zosia Mamet in full-on Girl Scout gear. Bayer as Shelley Long circa ’90s with her glossy orange-red hair. Armisen’s amazingly creepy vacant smile and his dead eyes. The gloriously-campy nod to The Wizard. Feist all dressed up as a priest (seriously). Lewis in the same blue leotard she wore in Troop Beverly Hills that is giving us all the feels.

The message Lewis is trying to send us? Jenny is all grown up. She’s singing songs about adult human relationships and adult regrets and what it’s like being an adult woman in a man’s world, and it’s all so smart and pretty and wonderful. But most importantly, she’s telling us she’s also in a good place where she can look back at her decisions with clarity and wisdom. And is shows.

You can watch the spectacular “She’s Not Me” right here. Prepare your heart, for it might just explode.

All images via YouTube