Jennifer Morrison’s hairdo at her first ever red carpet was crazy adorable

Known for her kick-ass role as Emma Swan (aka the Savior, the Dark One, the Dark Swan, shall we go on?), Jennifer Morrison is no stranger to the occasional costume and hair/makeup change on Once Upon a Time.


Obviously IRL, Jennifer pretty much nails it every time there’s a red carpet.


And while Morrison’s style these days is super sleek and sophisticated, she is no stranger to going in for the kill with adorable looks, either.

Let’s take a look back at the year 2000.

In her first major red carpet appearance for the film Urban Legends: Final Cut, Jennifer arrived looking cuter than a button…and rocking a serious Shirley Temple-level ‘do.


Morrison was so completely adorable here, we can’t STOP smiling over it! WHAT IS THIS CUTENESS OVERLOAD WE’RE EXPERIENCING?!

Clearly, her co-star Matthew Davis (who you MAY recognize as Warner Huntington III from Legally Blonde!), was not immune to the smiles either.


Shirley Temple foreverrrrr!!!


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