Jennifer Lopez’s makeup-free Dubsmash is giving us life

We cannot. Stop. Watching. This. Video.

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart have officially made one of the greatest Dubsmash videos of all time. Together, they recreated a popular “Starbucks, Yas” Vine. We’re watching it on a loop, singing along. Their lip syncing is totally spot on, and they’re both 100% committed to looking fierce.

Jennifer and Caster appear to be relaxing in bed, which is when most great Dubsmash videos are made. That’s prime Dubsmashing time. In the vid, JLo is wearing a fur-trimmed robe and totally ditched her makeup. We almost didn’t recognize her—in a good way! She looks fantastic au natural. The duo is likely in Las Vegas, as Jennifer currently has a residency show at Planet Hollywood. The no makeup photos appear to be a trend—she also shared this picture last week. Get it, girl! You look amazing, makeup or not.

Casper uploaded the Dubsmash video to his Instagram yesterday, and fans are loving it. Because what’s not to love about this? JLo is a phenomenal singer and an acting pro, so it only makes sense that combining the two would result in an amazing video. Maybe they can make an appearance on The Tonight Show and Dubsmash with Jimmy Fallon?

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