Jennifer Lopez Posted a Glam Twinning Selfie With Her Mom

Her mother's "beauty secrets" supposedly inspired JLO Beauty.

No surprise here—the beauty gene runs deep in Jennifer Lopez’s family. Lopez posted a selfie with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, to the JLO Beauty Instagram, and it’s honestly hard to tell who is J.Lo and who is G.Rod. And according to the post, Lopez was heavily inspired by her mother’s beauty regimen when creating her brand of skincare and makeup.

My mom’s beauty secrets are the foundation of JLO BEAUTY, The JLO Beauty Instagram caption reads. Soon we’ll share them with all of you!

Both mom and daughter are rocking subtle smoky eyes and glowing, blushed skin. Clearly, aging does not run in this family, as both Lopez and Rodriguez look like sisters in their 30s. We’re more than ready to find out what kind of secrets mom has been hiding up her sleeve.

Lopez has been teasing the release of JLO Beauty on social media since mid-November. Preview product pics are making us believe that the brand is going to be part-skincare, part-makeup.

In a November 28th Instagram post to her new brand, Lopez captioned a photo of herself in a silk dress, turned away from the camera, “Taking care of our skin is one of the best ways we can practice self care. It’s a big part of being happy and practicing self love.”

With her mother as her first customer (and very willing guinea pig), we know JLO Beauty has our best interest at heart, and we’re waiting on the edge of our seat for her first collection to drop. If there is any avenue we can take to look like Jennifer Lopez: Ageless Wonder, we’ll take it.

Give us that liquid, powder, and/or cream gold, J.Lo. We’re ready to glow.

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