Jennifer Lopez shut down commenters who claimed her abs were photoshopped

When you work hard to maintain a healthy look, you definitely don’t want Photoshop to get the credit. After a few commenters took time out to try and criticize the actress and musician through Instagram, Jennifer Lopez noted that her abs are 100% real.

Lopez posted a selfie of her in her bathroom, looking nothing short of amazing. But based on a mirror smudge, one fan accused her of doctoring the photo. The truth? Lopez just has smudgy mirrors, just like many of us do. (In fact, body aside, it’s kind of nice to know that she doesn’t feel the need to spray some Windex before posting a shot!)

"This is Photoshop!!!" one fan said. "Look at her back, there is a hole."

And, that wasn’t the only comment. In fact, her feed erupted in a battle of  “Photoshop” v. “Smudge.”

Of course, as a pro, the star addressed it in her comments section — and even screencapped and circled her response in an Instagram Story in order to get the message across.


While some celebrities do Photoshop their pictures, when it’s up to Lopez, it’s obvious that the star always tries to keep it real. Plus physical fitness has always been a part of her life. Remember — before she was a household name, she started her career as a dancer.

We’re glad that Lopez stood up for herself. She’s got a lot to be proud of, and isn’t letting anyone ruin her self confidence.

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