Jennifer Lopez shared her moments with Shakira immediately after the halftime show, and they’re so full of love

Okay, how exactly to we join the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira sisterhood? We want in. Jennifer Lopez just shared yet another behind-the-scenes video from their Super Bowl LIV halftime show performance, and it’s so full of love that we want to make “J.Lo hearts Shakira” T-shirts.

"LOVE this moment with me and @shakira literally seconds after we went off air!! We were so happy!!" Lopez captioned the clip, posted to both her Twitter and Instagram on February 5th.

Not only do they look like two Marvel superheroes celebrating after just taking down their shared mortal enemy, but the power coming from this hug is almost too much to absorb all at once.

You can hear someone in the video yelling “We did it!” and why are we welling up?

Shakira commented on J.Lo’s Instagram post with a series of emojis, including the “strong arm” emoji, because these women are strong AF. She also shared the video, adding the caption, “The ultimate high five!” It truly was the high five to end all other high fives.

This moment—along with the entire February 2nd halftime show—was so powerful. It showed two women at the top of their game celebrating each other. And people aren’t about to forget about this collaboration any time soon.

Um…when are you guys going to join forces again? Soon?

We’re sincerely wishing the best of luck to whoever signs on to perform at the next Super Bowl in 2021. All we’ll say is that we would hate to have to follow Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

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