Yes, please: Jennifer Lopez will pay tribute to Selena at tonight’s Billboard Latin Music Awards

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Latin music, you know who Selena is. The hugely popular singer, who was tragically murdered in 1995, took the male-dominated Tejano music scene by storm, and in the process revolutionized what it meant to be a multicultural pop star. Her loss was immediately felt, and her legacy has only grown since.

Some of that was helped by the 1997 film Selena, which starred Jennifer Lopez as the late singer. The role made JLo a star, and even though she’s pursued plenty of other high-profile roles since then, even leaving her own mark on Latina representation, she’s understandably still seen in relation to Selena.

The organizers of the Billboard Latin Music Awards clearly think so too, as they’ve tapped JLo to perform a medley of Selena’s greatest hits during their show tonight. As it’s the 20th anniversary of the singer’s death, the performance will be a touching homage to the late, great icon.

The Billboard Latin Music Awards will be airing on Telemundo at 7 pm EST. While we’ll be cheering for all of the performers, we’ll definitely keep an ear out for this special tribute.

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