Jennifer Lopez just posted a selfie with Lin-Manuel Miranda and now we have LOTS of questions

We can’t imagine any scenario where we would *casually* just appear in a selfie with Jennifer Lopez. And for that matter, we couldn’t keep our cool in a pic with Lin- Manuel Miranda, the creator/star of Hamilton, either. So after J.Lo posted this photo of her and Lin just chillin’ on her Instagram, we have to ask, what project are these two working on?

Lin Manuel-Miranda is sitting on a couch with a laptop, giving the peace sign, in what looks either like an office or somebody’s rec room in the basement. J.Lo, looking makeup-free and stunningly gorgeous, is the one taking the photo.

We know Jen is a big fan of Lin’s previous musical, In The Heights, which she has reportedly seen numerous times. However, she hashtagged today’s pic without a caption “JLin” (a play on both their names), “LoveMakeTheWorldGoRound” and “loveisloveisloveisloveisloveislove.” The latter two hashtags appear to be a reference to Pride, which happened during the month of June, including a gay pride that took place in New York City past weekend. We’re not sure if that’s what Jen is referring to, though.

Clearly, those are three hashtags that answer exactly ZERO questions. OK, J.Lo., we’ll just have to be patient . . .  but please don’t keep us waiting and guessing! Whatever project these two Latino celebrities have cooking up, we’re sure it will be amazing.

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