Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda sing “Love Make The World Go Round” live and we couldn’t love it more

From the moment we first found out that some of the world’s most talented people (that’s Jennifer Lopez and now-former Hamilton castmember Lin-Manuel Miranda, in case you were wondering) were collaborating on a new song (via a selfie J.Lo posted on Instagram!), we knew it would be epic.

Last week, when they released “Love Make the World Go Round,” a tribute to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting, on iTunes, we weren’t disappointed. The song is catchy, inspiring, poetic, and pretty much impossible not to dance to. It’s a triumphant, defiant call to love one another and drown out the hate.

The only thing that could possibly be better than the song itself? A live performance of it, of course! This morning, J.Lo and L.Man, two of the most electric performers on earth, delivered the goods live on the Today show plaza:

What makes this performance even more amazing and powerful is that Today brought 50 survivors and family members of the Orlando shooting to New York to watch the live show.

It was an early morning dance party with an amazing message. As J.Lo sings in the song, “Love is a call to action.” Watching survivors of such a horrific experience gather together to dance, smile, and enjoy a song written for them is a great reminder that there is still so much hope, goodness, and light.

Love does indeed make the world go round.

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