Jennifer Lopez is launching her own bronzer, so now we can ALL get the J.Lo glow

Stop what you’re doing and take a seat, beauty lovers, because we’ve got big news today. Makeup artist Scott Barnes just spilled some major beans: Jennifer Lopez is launching her own bronzer. It’s time for some J.Lo glow, babies!

An intrepid beauty lover in the comments section of Scott’s Instagram asked what makeup Jennifer Lopez was wearing and her longtime makeup artist revealed that it’s J.Lo’s very own bronzer. Other than that tiny bit of information, we have absolutely no details. However, it’s enough to tide us over for the rest of the month.

We’re crossing our fingers that J.Lo launches her bronzer in time for all of our hot summer looks. The megastar is the queen of the glow, and she has been way before the contour craze. So if there’s anyone who’s qualified release their own bronzer, it’s Jenny from the block. While it’s unclear if Jennifer will launch an entire makeup collection, we know that bronzer is something she plans on coming out with.

Now we wait for more news of Jennifer’s impending bronzer.

Look at that shade.

This news has obviously inspired a deep dive of both J.Lo and Scott’s Instagram accounts. We’re wondering how many times the queen of bronzer has worn her own creation.

If we can look anywhere near this, we’re on board.

Keep your eyes peeled because now that Scott has let the cat out of the bag, it must be a matter of time before an official announcement is made.

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