Jennifer Lopez’s kids don’t really care that she’s famous

Turns out, your parents are just your parents, even if they’re international superstars. Jennifer Lopez stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday and talked about her two 8-year-olds, and how even though they’re growing up, they still don’t really see their mom as anything other than a mom.

Seth asked if Jennifer’s kids knew that she was a celebrity, and she explained that while they have heard about it, they don’t really understand it.

“They’ve heard from school now,” she said. “Kids will say things at school like, ‘Your mom’s famous’…things like that.”

They’re also old enough to catch glimpses of their parents on TV. “They’ve seen us perform,” she explained. “They’ve seen me on TV, like on Idol now.”

Despite all this, they just don’t care. In fact, they don’t understand why their mom is constantly jetting off to work rather than hanging out with them all day. If Jennifer Lopez was our mom, we’d have the same question, but then again, after all the private concerts we’d be requesting, we totally get why she’d need to escape.

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