Jennifer Lopez May be on a Different Coast but She’s Still Just ‘Jenny From the Block’

Discussing her favorite bodega order, the movie role she most relates to, and the dress that broke the internet.

Jennifer Lopez is proving she’s just as down-to-earth now, as she always was. In a new interview with Vogue for the magazine’s 73 Questions series, the mega-star discussed nearly everything under the California sun, from her roots in the Bronx, to her Super Bowl performance, and her most-famous fashion moment. Oh, and that movie that was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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Noticeably absent from the interview however, was any conversation about her recent marriage to Ben Affleck, which we can only assume was not an oversight. But the star did say her favorite song from her iconic album This is Me… Then is Dear Ben, because it captured a “special moment in time.”

And in case you’re wondering, she prefers the window seat on a plane.


The 53-year old singer/actress invited Vogue reporter Joe Sabia into her stunning Los Angeles home for tea, where they discussed fashion (ofc), starting with that plunging green Versace number that became the most googled dress in history (and duplicates are even featured in two museums).

“What was my favorite look of all time?,” asks the singer. “I think a lot of people would probably think it’s the green Versace dress because it’s the most famous, but I’d have to say… it’s too hard to choose.”

The Hustlers star also shared that living in LA isn’t much different than her humble upbringing in the NYC borough, stating the only real difference is “the size of [her] closet.” And while LA may have its share of swanky restaurants, she still reminisces over her favorite bodega order: “ham and cheese on a roll with an orange drink — if you know, you know — and a small bag of chips.” 

While Lopez has had a successful onscreen career spanning three decades, it was one movie in particular, Selena, that put her on the map — and she says the late Latina superstar is the character she most identifies with. That movie was one for the history books, making Lopez the first Hispanic actress to earn more than $1 million dollars for a film.

She did admit there’s “a little bit of [her] in every role [she] plays,” and describes her work ethic as “relentless.”

And will there be a sequel to that box-office bomb Gigli? Lopez says there might be — although we’re not quite sure if she was joking or not. The former Fly Girl did say she hopes to one day have a role on Broadway.

Her best advice? “If you work hard, you can accomplish anything.” We agree, Jennifer.

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