Jennifer Lopez played cupid and helped her dancers get engaged on stage

Proving that she’s got a heart of gold, Jennifer Lopez helped two of her dancers get engaged, and it’s absolutely adorable.

We know that Jennifer Lopez absolutely SLAYS everything she touches. The star, who recently revealed that she would quite like to do the Super Bowl, has been performing her show in Las Vegas for a while, and it looks INSANELY amazing. What’s more, we’ve been LOVING what J.Lo has to say about “dating” younger men, and we love how she’s not afraid to let her thirst for a hot guy be known.

Basically, we just love J.Lo, and now we have even more reason to.

At one of her Las Vegas shows, Jennifer Lopez helped some of her dancers get engaged, and it’s too cute!

In the above clip, Lopez can be seen stopping her show to allow her dancer Lake Smits to propose to his partner Tera Perez.

"I love these two. He’s danced with me for many years, Tera’s danced with me for so many years, Lopez said. “Thank you for letting us have this moment.

Writing on Instagram, Tera Perez said that she “absolutely said YES!”

“All the ups and downs, the imperfect and perfect journey we had to go thru to get us here is the reason I’m going to spend my life with you @lakesmits @lakesmits_personal I love you!!” she wrote.

As Time point out, both Smits and Perez have been part of J.Lo’s team since at least 2013. The couple appeared in her documentary A Step Away, which followed the star and her dancers on a world tour.

“Still on cloud 9!!” Perez wrote in another Instagram post. “The shock is slowly wearing off and it’s all hitting me more and more! What a magical night ✨✨✨ Thank you everyone that helped capture and create this entire night (I was beyond clueless) forever grateful.”

Aww, this is so adorable, and we love how visibly happy Team J.Lo are for the couple following their engagement. We wish them all the best for the future!

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