Jennifer Lopez somehow looks glamorous in a food coma, proves she is a real-life goddess

There’s literally nothing Jennifer Lopez can’t do. The incredible woman is a total entertainment powerhouse who is constantly wowing us with her ability to dominate basically everything she does.

And seeing Jennifer Lopez’s post-Thanksgiving meal food coma picture is an additional reminder that this woman is seriously stunning no matter what the circumstances.

Most people on Thanksgiving feel totally stuffed after stuffing themselves with, well, stuffing. It can take some time before you’re feeling like yourself again. But if you’re JLo, still look totally gorgeous no matter how you may be feeling. At least, that’s what her totally on-point Instagram picture taught us.

She writes, "Snuggled up trying to look cute while I cant move from my food coma... or the innocent look I have before I go in for"

The hardworking performer was clearly enjoying her holiday and making the most of the delicious food prepared. And, despite the fact that she had already eaten tons of food, she was still able to look like the glamorous goddess she is.

She even posted a picture of the turkey that she indulged in and we certainly can’t blame her for eating so much since it looks delicious.

JLo obviously knows how to make the most of the holiday, and was clearly having a delightful time before and after the feast.

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to show us how to do Thanksgiving like a total badass diva. Next year, we’ll be channeling a lot more JLo to make our holiday even more perfect.