Jennifer Lopez shows off her dancing on an amazing segment of “Ew!”

Jimmy Fallon has a ton of hilarious sketches and bits on The Tonight Show, but “Ew!” might just be our favorite. We don’t know what’s better: Jimmy’s ridiculous voice or the guest stars he gets to participate. On Wednesday night, Jennifer Lopez stopped by, and she didn’t just do an amazing job with her character, she also completely slayed with her dance moves.

This recurring sketch pokes fun at being a tween in the best way possible, made even better by the ridiculous costumes. However, with Jennifer Lopez on the show, things get a bit funkier. There are the hairstyles (which, somehow, Jennifer manages to make look super trendy), the Snapchat filters that we know and love, and the talent show, which Jennifer completely steals with her flawless twerking abilities.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Jennifer can play this character so well, since she’s starring in Shades of Blue, a show that, while completely different, proves she’s an amazing actress. But if there was a whole show dedicated to her playing an eccentric tween, we’d definitely watch that too.