Jennifer Lopez Put Her Own Twist on This Year’s Trendiest Haircut

She looks amazing, what else can we say?

Oh, you thought the celebrity-curtain bang headlines were over? Guess again, because queen Jennifer Lopez just paid her hairstylist a visit and strutted out of the salon with summer’s hottest and trendiest look, but with a twist: blunt curtain bangs. That’s right folks. J.Lo—arguably, the OG trendsetter for every kind of bang out there—along with the help of her favorite celebrity stylist and confidant, Chris Appleton, have reinvented the famous hairstyle with a more blunt, dramatic, in-your-face cut and shape. 

Appleton, who’s cut and styled virtually every celebrity on the planet from Dua Lipa to Kim Kardashian, posted a photo dump of selfies featuring Lopez and her blunt curtain bangs to his Instagram asking fans, “What do you think to today’s look Blunt Curtain bangs on JLO?”

We’ll tell you what we think, Chris: Celebrities need to stop changing their hair every 15 seconds because we can’t keep up with all the new hair dye and style trends! That being said, J.Lo does look drop dead gorgeous in her bangs. 

Curtain bangs can be shaped a million different ways, but traditionally they are shaggy or wispy, parted down the middle, swept to either side of the face, AKA framing your facial structure much like a curtain does to a window. They’re super complementary and bring all attention to the eyes. J.Lo on the other hand, opted for the opposite, settling with pin-straight (or blunt) curtain bangs that rest mid-cheekbone.  While some curtain bangs are full body and layered, Lopez’s seem to be thinned and cut to all one length. 

Summer is basically here and we have more hair inspiration than even before! Thank you, J.Lo!

Emily Weaver
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