Jennifer Lopez is collaborating with Inglot Cosmetics so you can finally get that J.Lo glow, for real

A few weeks back, some eagle-eyed beauty lovers got word that Jennifer Lopez is launching her own bronzer, sending fans into a virtual tizzy. However, there was no information other than that, leaving us to speculate as to what could possibly be in the works for the stunning, ever-glowing diva. But it seems that today is our lucky day, because it’s just been announced that Jennifer Lopez is collaborating with Inglot Cosmetics on what appears to be a makeup collection.

We don’t yet know what it entails, or if it is more than just a bronzer, but our gut feeling is telling us that it’s a full collection. The one campaign photo that was released shows J.Lo in all her flawless glory — perfect bronzer, lipstick and skin. Here’s hoping this means we’ll all soon be able to do a full J.Lo-inspired and approved beat.

Defying all laws of nature, Jennifer Lopez is 49. Whatever she is doing is working for her and we want in on that bandwagon. Fans have been coveting that J.Lo glow for as long as we can remember, and it looks like we are only mere weeks away from being able to get it for ourselves.

The highly-anticipated Jennifer Lopez x Inglot collaboration will be launching April 26th.

She is without flaw.

We know we can expect a bronzer, and it’s clearly absolutely stunning. But can we talk about that highlight? Fingers crossed that there’s one part of the package, because she looks like she is being lit by her radiant soul.

Understandably, fans are totally pumped and can’t wait for the Jennifer Lopez x Inglot collaboration to be released.


It’s going to be a mad dash to get our hands on this one, we can tell. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on any sly sneak peeks at what the collection entails. For example, could *this* eye makeup be a hint at what’s to come?

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