Jennifer Lopez just proved the blonde bob trend is still thriving for fall

It used to be common beauty lore that fall meant going deeper and darker with your hair color. But we are so over outdated beauty rules dictating how we change up our look (and Kate Middleton agrees). Case in point: We’re still obsessed with the blonde bob that celebs have been sporting all summer, even as we sip on our first PSLs of the season and break out our tall boots.

Jennifer Lopez just proved the best way to buck a beauty trend, because her sleek, angled bob at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Hustlers is a buttery blonde dream. It has even the most loyal brunettes trying to score a J.Lo-inspired hair makeover as we roll right into sweater season.

Lopez hit the red carpet on Saturday, September 7th in a gorgeous, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (but all-grown-up) gown.

But it’s her shoulder-grazing, pin-straight bob that has us calling our stylists for an appointment.

Of course, the acting-singing-dancing multi-hyphenate is typically known for her super-long mermaid locks, but we also know she loves to switch up her look. And when it comes to this change, we 100% get it. For comparison, here’s a peek at Lopez in character for Hustlers, with her long, voluminous waves firmly intact.

And here’s a selfie that she took en route to the premiere, with her brand new blonde bob looking fierce.

Want another look? Here’s a shot of her on the red carpet, serving up so much hair inspo, we can hardly deal.

Lopez’s longtime stylist, Chris Appleton, shared on his Instagram page that he achieved the look using products by Color Wow and Dyson, giving her the glossiest bob we’ve ever seen. The look puts her in the long list of celebs that have wowed us with a blonde bob lately: Michelle Williams, Kate Beckinsale, Camila Cabello, and even Robert Pattinson. It’s proof positive that everyone looks good in this trend.

Of course, Lopez is ever the chameleon, so she was back to her super-long strands within a day. Blonde bob, we hardly knew ye, but we hope you make a return appearance very soon. You might just be our favorite J.Lo look yet.

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