Jennifer Lopez had a birthday party and she looked like an actual goddess

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Jennifer ‘J.Lo’ Lopez is one of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s also widely speculated that the iconic performer doesn’t actually age, having found the secret to eternal youth.

If we’re being totally honest, we crush HARD on J. Lo.

Anyways, yesterday (24 July) Jennifer celebrated her 47th birthday (which just can’t be true) in Las Vegas, where she’s currently performing a residency at Planet Hollywood while Britney Spears is on hiatus.

Of course, J.Lo decided to throw a fabulous party and OMG she looked MAJOR.

As the caption says, Jennifer was wearing the Kardashian’s favourite designer, Balmain.

In fact, Kim was actually present at the party, which was hosted by Benny Medina and Beau, alongside Calvin Harris and French Montana.

Calvin even uploaded a video of him and J.Lo dancing and it’s everything.

Recently, J.Lo and Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda released a song as a tribute for the victims of the tragic shooting in Orlando.

Flawless queen! And, as Calvin says, an actual ICON.